People always ask me what my photography speciality is and I always answer action sports, travel and lifestyle.  From time to time I shoot the odd wedding, usually of people I know. Weddings are not generally something I do a lot of, however when I do them, I really enjoy it and manage to join in and really have a great time and get some great shots!

Last winter I was asked to be the wedding photographer for two amazing people.  Lee Fieldsend and I had met many years ago on one of my earliest ski seasons in Tignes in France.  Years later he turned up in Verbier where I had based myself and we re-connected.  He is an excellent chef and now turning his hand to writing.  When he introduced me to his wife to be Ro, I instantly knew that we would become friends.  There was something very special about her and she was drop dead gorgeous with a killer smile!


I don’t shoot too many weddings, but this was one I couldn’t turn down.  Firstly it was to be in Sri Lanka, which would of course be amazing.  Secondly, Ro is a stunningly beautiful lady and would be wearing a Sari.  I was excited to shoot her (and you too of course Lee ;-)…).  Lastly, following several conversations about it, we started to discuss other documentary style photo journeys.  I would meet and become involved in incredible local projects that her mum and dad run in Sri Lanka.  I had heard much about them from Ro, and I became incredibly interested in what they were doing.  I will speak more about her mum and dad on my next blog.

There were to be two weddings.  The first would be a Catholic ceremony in a grand Colombo church with mainly Sri Lankan guests and the bride and bridesmaids would be wearing Saris. One week later there would be a second wedding where many friends and family would travel from Europe and there would be a Buddhist ceremony in a beach setting.

The first wedding was in Sri Lanka’s capitol city Colombo.  I was warned that there would be a lot of people around and that the family was huge.  I wasn’t quite prepared.  The brides preparations usually involve a hair and makeup stylist, the bridesmaids and the mother.  At the preparations with Ro, I felt like I was on a movie set.  There was of course the mother and the bridesmaids and then additional family members, people of whom at the time I had no idea who they were, drivers, a 5-man film crew and a whole host more.  It was quite an experience – but fun!

I fell in love with Ro’s hair and makeup stylist.  He was the best I have ever met at a wedding.  And I have never seen such an amazing transformation from beautiful to jaw droppingly stunning.  At one point I found myself staring at Ro and forgetting I had a camera, the next minute I realized I had just shot about 800 images and we hadn’t even made it to the wedding!

Here are a few more images of the day…more to come.