A sunny autumn day in Wanaka is pretty special.  It was a calm evening and we decided to go for a sunset skate.  We had a few more stills to shoot for Douchebags so we seized the opportunity and combined it with some skateboarding.  Jase led us to an elevated location above the lake where we got some really nice lens flare shots and a few physical grazes for the girls.

Just in case you’re wondering about Douchebags, they are an amazing selection of travel bags for the avid sports traveller/explorer.  I was making a short brand video for them in New Zealand.  Here is a little text from their website to explain how the idea was developed:

The concept was born in the summer of 2009 during a week of sunny glacier skiing and epic surf in the beautiful western part of Norway. During that week, twin-tip legend and GS skier Jon Olsson met up with product engineer and entrepreneur Truls Brataas, and the two discovered a mutual passion for action-sports, traveling and smart product design. With the exclusive goal of having fun, while creating outstanding products, the two initiated the Douchebags project.

With Jon traveling more than 300 days a year for the past 10 years, the two knew right from the very beginning that they wanted to design new types of travel bags that reflected the needs of a modern explorer. The two interviewed 150 skiers, snowboarders and surfers to find out what the core user really wanted in a travel bag. They even went to airline companies and worked together with baggage handlers to learn how to make bags better suited for travel.
All of this research resulted in the discovery of five important needs that a modern gear bag should address:
Length adjustment system, so one bag will fit every type of gear
Low weight, to accommodate the needs of travellers and airlines
Solid protection, to make sure your gear come out all right
Compressible design, to solve the storage problem when not in use
Innovative, new carrying system
To fulfill these needs, the two had to develop new technology. By involving ski bum and award winning product designer Per Finne and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the team developed a patented technology that made all of their traveling dreams come true.
The founders sewed the first prototypes themselves, before new ones were made in a laboratory at the University. These prototypes were then brought to a firm that manufactures bags for the Norwegian military where they were inspected and improved to make sure the construction was as durable as possible. New prototypes were made and unveiled to the public for the first time, and ended up becoming a finalist for Innovation of the Year at the largest sporting goods trade show in the world, ISPO, in Munich, Germany. Sales went through the roof, and the company went global within its first winter selling out all products in only two months.
Today, the company is based as close to the Norwegian mountains as possible, and we are working with what we truly love:
“Providing the best travel equipment for epic adventures, all around the world.”

I had spent years travelling with a ski bag, a travel bag a camera bag and hand luggage.  Getting on and off trains was a nightmare with 4 separate bags.  Even in airports with the convenience of a trolley, I still had to push with one hand and drag a ski bag behind.  Steering was near impossible and getting on and off elevators and escalators…well, that was also interesting.  On this trip to New Zealand we travelled with the same amount of bags (including SUPs), but this time we just hooked all the Douchebags together with ease.  Finally someone had developed what I always wished existed.  So now I never go anywhere without them!  I hear surf and golf bags are in the pipeline.  Then world travel bag domination. Thanks Douchebags!