Today had to be the best day, but I keep saying that every day and then Wanaka pulls out another.  Today we were commencing with filming a brand film on Mistral SUPs (Stand up paddle board’s) so we had to find a good location to shoot.  Jase suggested the Clutha river.  The water is clear blue azur.  I don’t think I have ever seen water clearer and there was a surprising lack of algae on the shining stones at the bottom.  It was gorgeous!

The Clutha is the second longest river in New Zealand at 338km long.  It reaches from Lake Wanaka all the way to the Pacific ocean.  We started at where lake Wanaka runs into the river and took it as far as Albert town where the Clutha River meets the Hawea River.  Next time the Pacific ocean;-)

We inflated the paddle boards with ease on the river bank.  The journey was going to take around 40 minutes and I would follow and shoot alongside on my mountain bike along a biking path that followed the snaking scenic river.  You can view the track  I had a camera over each shoulder; one to film with and one to photograph with both with different lenses on, plus a back pack with more lenses and a tripod.  I swear I am getting shorter with the weight I constantly carry on my back!  It was tricky on the uphill!

Jase, Tori and Flossie floated down the river with the stunning surrounding scenery.  I shot through trees and clearings from the side and from the front further on getting some lovely angles. It was Flossies first time on a river float but she conquered the rapids.  She even started doing head stands on the paddle board – but fell in a few times, much to the amusement of us all.

At the end of the float, Beanie joined in.  She has been on bridesmaid duties beforehand.  I did a few more shots with her and shot some scenic shots along the way.  I was envious of them all in the water and wished I had my underwater housing with me.   I’m certain Jase has housing though as I have been hearing of his filming escapades with the navy.  Jase is one of a kind!  So tomorrow I think we will hit the river again.

We headed over to Hamish and Hanna’s place for a drink.  Hamish and Hannah own the amazing thermal underwear brand that is growing massive in popularity all the time.  If you haven’t seen it yet, then have a look here –

After about half an hour I got the pleasant surprise of Si Guthrie turned up.  An old friend from Verbier and talented and courageous (or crazy) base jumper, Si is now back in NZ and settled with the most amazing girl, Abbey Lewis.  I hadn’t seen him for a few years.  He too was really surprised and it was really great catching up.  We all headed out for Sushi and then a game of pool over at Woody’s.  I had a streak of luck and won every game.  Don’t know how that happened!  Maybe everyone else were playing extremely badly.  Another day finished off well.  Thanks guys!