I’m pretty impressed with the speed we get ready for our adventures.  There’s never any long planning, just a few suggestions and then everyone is on the move. Last night there was a suggestion that Olly take his boat out on the lake.  In the morning we had three boats packed with Mistral Paddle boards, beer, wine and delicious healthy treats from Soul Food.

We drove to Glendhu Bay, which is quite near the road to Treble Cone and also the Mt Aspiring National Park. The Bay is an enormous and scenic area of sheltered waters with some spectacular and serene beaches and views up the valley to Mt Aspiring itself.  There were quite a few water skiers and wake boarders on the flat calm water and it was hot and sunny.  Perfect boating conditions.

Beanie and Flossie were in Ollys nippy little boat and I got into Chris and Daisy’s boat.  I filmed and photographed as they sped in and out of our wake, passed us, got behind us.  It was a lot of fun.  The scenery was jaw dropping yet again.  I wondered if everyone realised how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful place.

We stopped off at a secluded beach on the lake.  There were no other boats and no other people.  Charlie put the music on his boat and we cracked open a few cold beers.   We got the SUPs out and everyone took turns at getting out on the lake.  I stopped shooting when the girls got quite far out but just as I put my camera on, a gaggle of geese took off into the air.  They weaved in and out in the air above, teasing me as it was just too distant for my 400mm lens to catch and look as impressive as it looked through my eye.

It was time to shoot some more for Mistral.  I had waited for the sun to be on the right side of the lake.  However the water was now getting choppy and the wind was blowing in the direction of the beach and they were struggling to get out.  So Olly suggested towing the girls with a rope attached to the back of the boat.  Olly and I got on the boat and Beanie, Iona and Charlotte grabbed the rope.  It was tricky for them not to fall off the boards with the wake and the choppiness.  I was impressed with how they were handling it.  Iona was at the front and looked very nice with the wind in her long blonde hair, then splash!  One minute she was there and all of a sudden she wasn’t.  Iona went under.  It was hilarious and we all laughed a lot at her expense.  Sorry Iona.  So Olly and I pulled the rope in and left them to their own devices. He put the foot down and we zigzagged through the water, then he skimmed the shallow waters edge. I didn’t know you could do that in a boat!  I later discovered that this is what jet boats do.  He expertly did sharp turns practically on and off the beach.  It was great fun.

After a day on the beach, we packed up and headed back.  But there was one last stop off on the water to a cliff dive where Si, Jase and Ed went to demonstrate their bravery and manhood.  It was pretty high and we were all impressed:-)

I popped into the office again to do a bit of work and then headed out to meet everyone for a bite to eat in Relishes.  The food in Wanaka is incredible.  I haven’t yet had a bad or average meal.  In such a small town there is something for every taste, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Vegan and local cuisine with the best lamb and venison variations I have ever had.  Each morning I tend to start in Kai, which is a bohemian café bar with incredibly varied clientele from backpackers on a budget to multi millionaires.  Bought over by UK born Roger North 4 years ago it has become a melting pot on the Wanaka scene.  Relishes is very close to Kai and probably both where I spend most of my meal