Last night I checked the weather and saw that today was going to be a little stormy, so I thought there may be a chance that I could capture some moody low clouds over Lake Wanaka on camera.  I got up really early and checked out the window and sure enough it looked stunning.  We are really lucky to be staying in the apartment we have overlooking the Lake.  Thank you Suzy Perry!  The weather wasn’t too bad actually, but the colours were really nice and there were some spectacular cloud formations.

I went for a long walk with all my camera equipment and tripods and ran a few timelapses, which I will post when I finish the videos for Douchebags and Mistral.  There were clouds as low as the ground filling in contours in some places in the distance and some real contrast between the light and dark clouds.  New Zealand always reminds me of Scotland, only the weather gets much hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. Plus there’s a lot more land with some really remote and magical landscapes.

In the afternoon we took a walk up to the Diamond Lake lookout. We took the circuit track up which is the shortest walk there at approx. 2.5km.  It was about a 40 min hike up in the rain, which was a little miserable.  But actually the view when we got there was pretty impressive with the looming clouds.

Diamond Lake and the surrounding area was formed by Ice Age glaciers.  In the summer the small cliffs and steep outcrops are popular with climbers.  Apparently its too dangerous in the winter when there is ice and I can imagine it is treacherously slippy then.  There is a longer walk to the Lake Wanaka outlook also, but we could still see it in the distance and it was pretty impressive!