What a year!

So I haven’t written a blog post in over a year!  It’s been a crazy busy period. We moved into a new office with our film production company and I started to built a stock footage library – Timeline Missions (, found great... read more

Sri Lanka – Starting at the end….

I thought a month in Sri Lanka would be enough, but only now do I feel I am starting to know the people and appreciate the wealth of love and family values in this country.  I have visited the most poverty stricken families in the slums and tsunami-affected areas to... read more

Sri Lanka – Colombo Wedding

People always ask me what my photography speciality is and I always answer action sports, travel and lifestyle.  From time to time I shoot the odd wedding, usually of people I know. Weddings are not generally something I do a lot of, however when I do them, I really... read more

Long time no see blog!

Wow, I just realised how long it has been since I last blogged.  It has been a crazy summer with trying to take over the world….well, building new business ideas.  So this summer I have being doing a little less shooting to work more on the building blocks and... read more

Faction Artist Series

Last summer I was asked to film and photograph a very creative, interesting and fun project.  I joined artists Kay Leggott and Rosalind Monks, both artists and skiers went to Capbreton in France as they painted six enormous canvases. The resulting designs have been... read more

SUP Waterfall Creek to Ruby Island with Mistral

I took an early walk along the waterfront at lake Wanaka.  The water was dead calm and looked alluring, although I knew the temperature was cold.  There were ducks and seagulls doing their enviable daily routine of floating on the water, bathing in the sun, hanging... read more

Packing our Douchebags but going nowhere…

Sad day – I woke up and packed my bags ready to board the flight in Queenstown…but that was never going to happen.  By 9am I verbally announced my decision to stay.  I wasn’t getting on that flight!!  I was so happy with my decision!  Poor Beanie, she was... read more

Skateboarding and Douchbags…

A sunny autumn day in Wanaka is pretty special.  It was a calm evening and we decided to go for a sunset skate.  We had a few more stills to shoot for Douchebags so we seized the opportunity and combined it with some skateboarding.  Jase led us to an elevated location... read more

New Zealand – Glendhu Bay

I’m pretty impressed with the speed we get ready for our adventures.  There’s never any long planning, just a few suggestions and then everyone is on the move. Last night there was a suggestion that Olly take his boat out on the lake.  In the morning we had three... read more

New Zealand – Motatapu Gorge

This morning we sat in Colab (Jase Hancox & Will Lascelles film production office) and discussed today’s adventure.  We were going to pack some beers into a cool box and head to the Motatapu Gorge, which is on Shania Twain’s land not far from Wanaka.  The gorge is... read more

New Zealand – The Clutha River SUP float with Mistral

Today had to be the best day, but I keep saying that every day and then Wanaka pulls out another.  Today we were commencing with filming a brand film on Mistral SUPs (Stand up paddle board’s) so we had to find a good location to shoot.  Jase suggested the Clutha... read more

New Zealand – Rob Roy Glacier

There was a big crew of us today.  We drove in convoy on the 54km journey along the river in the stunning Matukituki valley into the Mt Aspiring National Park. The drive alone is a photographers paradise, and certainly today with the combination of mist in some areas... read more

New Zealand – Diamond Lake

Last night I checked the weather and saw that today was going to be a little stormy, so I thought there may be a chance that I could capture some moody low clouds over Lake Wanaka on camera.  I got up really early and checked out the window and sure enough it looked... read more

New Zealand – The Catlins

The Catlins is somewhat remote.  Nearby Owaka has the largest population in the area with only 400 habitants.  It’s rugged beaches and dense native temperate rainforest are abundant with wildlife including endangered species such as the yellow-eyed penguin, which I... read more

New Zealand – Queenstown to the Catlins

We’re all settled into the Kiwi pace of life now and kick stared the day with a bit of skateboarding and a supermarket visit in town.  Today we were heading to the Catlins to spend time with an amazing bunch of girls on Camillas hen do.  The itinerary includes... read more

The Journey to New Zealand

The journey has begun!  2 pretty girls, Mistral paddle boards, skateboards, Douchebags and the awe-inspiring environment in New Zealand…oh and most importantly a wedding. One of my favourite photographers and good friend Camilla Stoddart is marrying a Kiwi... read more

Rock hopping ladies from down under…and Swiss Slash

It has been a pretty strange season with the snow conditions being the way they have this year and I haven’t been as eager to get out and shoot with so many avalanches happening.  And for my mum, I am the last person to fold under peer pressure or the lull of the deep... read more

Choucroute des Patrouilleurs Verbier

Choucroute des Patrouilleurs Yesterday I was asked to shoot photos of the ‘Choucroute des Patrouilleurs’. This is far from my typical days photo shoot, but the eclectic mix of local mountain men, politicians and businessmen was certainly something interesting to be... read more

New Year 2014 in Verbier

For many years I have frequented the famous Farinet Lounge bar in Verbier to celebrate the New Year.  The balcony terrace looks over Verbier’s Place Centrale where the whole of Verbier gather to see in the New Year.  It is something that has to be experienced.... read more

‘Mountain Sky’ Photo Exhibition in Nanuq Gallery Verbier

Sunday 29th December saw the opening evening of the ‘Mountain Sky’ photo exhibition at the Nanuq Gallery in Verbier, Switzerland.  The exhibition includes exclusive 2m wide Verbier, Chamonix and Zermatt landscapes printed on stretch silicon fabric, 3m light boxes and... read more

W Hotel Verbier

Wednesday 11th December saw the inauguration of the new and highly anticipated W Hotel in Verbier, Switzerland. The exclusive and contemporary hotels are known for their cutting edge design, stylish lounges, blissful spa’s, innovative cocktails and cuisine, and... read more

Cuckoo’s Nest Verbier

Verbier is about to open officially for the season and it doesn’t look to be any old regular season.  There has been massive investment put into some big developments such as the new lift connecting the resort directly to Bruson, the W Hotel and the Trois Rocs... read more

Yoga with Sarah Cullen

For many years I have had neck problems caused by a combination of a paragliding accident and bad posture due to filming, photographing, skiing and working endless hours on my computer.  My chiropractor, Craig McLean from the reputable Putney Chiropractic in London... read more

Fire in Volleges

Last night I was on the balcony with a couple of friends when I heard a massive explosion. I immediately looked down the valley in the direction of the sound and the sky lit up orange.  I immediately grabbed my camera and we jumped in the car and drove to where we saw... read more

Interview with Melody Sky in Cooler Magazine

For anyone who hasn’t read Cooler magazine, it’s a magazine (online and print) about everything snow, surf, street and style aimed at the female market.  Everything a girls needs to know about the latest on action sports, lifestyle and travel and... read more

Hiking in Verbier

You can’t beat getting up early and hiking up the mountain in Verbier, Switzerland.  The views are absolutely gorgeous and the air is so clean.  The lovely sisters Rachel and Elspeth Tugwell joined me for a day to shoot some hiking shots.  It is mid September... read more

The ski pistes with no snow

How refreshing a change in weather is…  I think life would not be as interesting without the changing seasons.  I know by the end of summer I start looking forward to seeing the place all gleaming bright with the pure white snow and the crisp feeling in the air.... read more

Etape Verbier – St Tropez

And so it has begun!  I remember Neil Aherne of CK Vervier mentioning the idea to cycle from Verbier to St Tropez nearly 3 years ago now.  Finally after lots of planning over the last year with Louise Beer (also of CK Verbier), they managed to bring on board 32 of... read more

Scuba Diving in Alpine Lake

If you Goggled lac des Vaux in Verbier, you would find plenty of information about where it is, it’s altitude, what it looks like when frozen over in winter, piste information, but I can guarantee you will struggle to find any information on scuba diving in the... read more

Fetes des familles

I’ve never seen so many people up at la Chaux. Every year VerbierSport+ / Televerbier organise an event that brings families up the mountain to enjoy the spectacular environment. The day’s events began with a mass held in front of les Combins which was followed by... read more

A day with Verbier Sport

It’s been a peculiar few years with the economic crisis and cutbacks.  It seemed the majority of holiday destinations were experiencing a decrease in numbers and although it wasn’t that noticeable in winter in Verbier, many people were commenting on how... read more

Nicol & Maria’s Big Day

‘Perfect’ is a word that sum’s up Nicol & Maria’s big day. Maria, her lovely mum and myself sneaked away in the morning for a very early Gin & Tonic in Millenium restaurant in Verbier to calm the nerves and then headed back to join the... read more

Ozed Sunglasses

When I was asked to do a photo shoot of wooden sunglasses in Hossegor in France, I thought it sounded interesting, but I couldn’t exactly imagine wearing wood on my face.  However, when I saw the glasses, I was already keen on getting a hold of a pair for... read more

Day 1 – A Film/Art Project with the Faction Collective

So today it starts!  We are lucky to be located in Capbreton in France with our amazing hosts Xavier de le Rue and Beanie Milne Home to start work on a new film/art project for The Faction Collective ( More will be revealed over the coming months.... read more

The Snow Guide by NZ Freeskier

My story with the girls…  It’s been a good few years since I was last in New Zealand on a thoroughly enjoyable heli-ski trip.  The time before that I was shooting a ski movie called ‘Coefficient Grab’ which is when I met Tori Beattie.  She was... read more