About Melody

Action Sports, Adventure Travel and Environmental Photographer:

A sense of adventure, love of the outdoors and a respect for the environment gives Melody an endless and open field in which to carry out her profession and passion for photography.

Her love for photography and the outdoors started from a very early age.  She spent much of her youth in the country in Scotland and then the beaches in Cornwall where her mum was always shooting photos and her dad was surfing and constantly exploring with the family.  

Travel and Sport have always been part of Melody.  Her hobby turned to full time career in the ocean, where she began working as an Underwater Photographer and by chance this eventually took her to the Alps where she worked as an Ice Diver.  From here she picked up a video camera and was the first female camerawoman in Europe to have ski movies shown on a cinema screen and have footage broadcast globally. 

Today Melody continues to work in action sports, adventure travel and environmental filming and photography in ocean and mountain environments, travelling the world capturing inspirational moments of our incredible planet. she is currently writing a script for a film encompassing all that she is passionate about following her years of experience. She can’t wait to be able to share it with you! You can visit her other websites below:

Timeline Missions

 Action Sports Film Production

Eternal Jellyfish

 Graphic Art

Verbier Interior Photography

 Interior Film and Photography


Melody is always up for a new challenge and would love to hear about any potential projects you may want to propose. Please have a look at her Instagram and Facebook pages, and contact her if you feel she may be the right person for the job.