I thought a month in Sri Lanka would be enough, but only now do I feel I am starting to know the people and appreciate the wealth of love and family values in this country.  I have visited the most poverty stricken families in the slums and tsunami-affected areas to the most luxury hotels. At no point have I ever felt threatened or uncomfortable.  And there has been a consistent characteristic in all here and that is happiness.


I have had many long and interesting conversations with the locals in Sri Lanka, sometimes with the very poor.  One person made me really think when he told me even though he is extremely poor that he has everything.  Everything being family and love.  He couldn’t understand why we in the western world work every minute of the day to have as much money and material possessions as we can, sometimes (and much of the time) sacrificing time with family and loved ones.  This is one thing I have always battled with myself, and I can totally appreciate how he could be happy with ‘nothing’, he actually did have everything.  Love and family – That sums up the smiling faces of Sri Lanka.

My blog posts are going to run backwards as I have been either shooting or editing every minute of every day (he would tell me off for this) and have not had a chance.  I have added on one more week here to get some downtime and absorb and write about my trip and the wonderful people I met and the incredible projects in place here to help the sick, elderly, tsunami affected or towards education.

I am currently sitting in the Vivanta by Taj Hotel in Bentota of which I must mention because the managers and staff have been the most amazing and have insisted on making me as comfortable as possible in order for me to sit down and write and edit.  This is the most beautiful setting with the most incredible customer service around.  I will definitely be back.  Thank you Taj!


So please take the time to read my posts as there will be certain days in which there is important information which will give you the chance to help Sri Lanka’s worst off in some way.  Thank you to Ro, Lee, Mohan and Celine for making this happen and introducing me to the real people of Sri Lanka, and for being some of the most incredibly giving and selfless people I have ever met. You are the best! xx