Sad day – I woke up and packed my bags ready to board the flight in Queenstown…but that was never going to happen.  By 9am I verbally announced my decision to stay.  I wasn’t getting on that flight!!  I was so happy with my decision!  Poor Beanie, she was now leaving alone.  We cleaned up the lovely Suzie Perrie’s house and then we packed Big Red and popped into town to have a quick meeting with Brent from Base followed with Hamish, Hannah and the crew from Mons Royale.  There are so many talented entrepreneurs in Wanaka.  It’s inspiring.  Just many one of many reasons that make me want to stay.

Eventually with little time to spare Beanie and I started making our way to the airport in Queenstown where I would drop her off.  We had a quick stop off for lunch at the Cardrona Hotel.  Everyone knows the Cardrona Hotel and I think anyone who has been to Wanaka has a photo.

The drive to the airport is usually about an hour.  But we were slightly late and in true Beanie style she put her foot down and put Big Red to work.  The fumes inside the car always made me a little light headed which probably isn’t that healthy.  After I had dropped Beanie off, I made my way to Totally Tourism for a quick meeting.  Kellie was very efficient and her enthusiasm for New Zealand made me very keen to publish as much as possible of the area.  And of course I am looking for any excuse to come back.

I stopped off for a quick toxin cleansing juice (yes Flossie, I’m still being very good) then I hit the road.  I laughed in the car on my way back as Beanie’s words came back to me…”It will take you at least 3 hours to get back to Wanaka”.  She knows me too well and predicted quite correctly how long it would take with all the photo stops I would do.

That evening, on my way home I had to pull over otherwise I was definitely going to crash the car.  I have never seen stars so bright and so clear.  It was like I was looking through a telescope at the Milky Way.  We don’t see the stars like this in Europe.  It’s a different perspective and looking at the Milky Way is as clear as looking at it through a telescope.  The galaxy right there.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  I got out and climbed onto the bonnet of the car and lay on my back.  It was outstanding.

I selected various spots to shoot. It was pretty cold as the temperature had really dropped over the last couple of days.  So Big Red’s heating got tested for the first time.  I kept putting the camera on a long exposure then jumping back in the car and listening to some outrageously bad radio station whilst shooting stars…literally.  I saw a shooting star and a satellite moving rapidly through the sky.  Then along the beach right in front of me walked a labrador sized cat.  Are there wild cats in NZ?  I later discovered that yes, there are wild cats in NZ and they can be a bit of a pest as the only indigenous animal life in New Zealand are birds and all the creatures that the Poms brought over have been hunting the local birds down….a bit the same as humans really!  Unfortunately I was in the middle of a time lapse so didn’t stop the camera to take a photo of the cat, but was afraid he may come and bite me anyway:-) So I stayed dead still as he passed.  An interesting night all in all.